About Us

The Media Psychology Program (M-Ψ-A@VU), headed by prof. dr. Elly A. Konijn, bridges media research and psychology to optimize our understanding of media use, processing and effects. This program is part of the Department of Communication Science at the VU University Amsterdam, an innovative and internationally visible research group that contributes to knowledge and theory development in the field, by conducting fundamental as well as societal relevant applied research. Media use and its effects often depend on specific circumstances, the context, individual differences, and how specific content, features and formats are processed. Media psychology emphasizes the perspective of the individual media user, increasingly so in view of new communication technologies such as mobile apps, social media, virtual worlds, gaming and VR, and social robotics. By integrating psychological theories and research methods with media research, we aim to unravel the fundamentals of human communicative processes using media.

The Media Psychology Program at VU closely collaborates with colleagues at the Institute for Societal Resilience and the Network Institute and has a strong international orientation.